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Anonymous usage data collection

Analyze the usage data of Epic Sum Up in your instance. For more information you can check out our privacy policy.

You can deactivate / activate this function and reset the statistics at any time.

Global Settings collect anonymous usage data

  • General information such as product version, Jira version and SEN

  • Custom field statistics (how many custom fields were created and of which type each)

  • Counter statistics (how often are certain functions called)

  • Configuration (general information about the configuration)

  "system": {
    "epicSumUpVersion": "",
    "jiraVersion": "8.11.1",
    "SEN": "SEN-12345678"
  "stats": {
    "customFields": {
      "progress": 3,
      "status-category-progress": 1,
      "container-link": 1,
      "time": 6,
      "type-allocation": 7,
      "time-progress": 1,
      "issue-count-progress": 1
    "counter": {
      "rendered_customFieldContainerLink": 25,
      "rendered_customFieldProgressbarGeneric": 25,
      "rendered_customFieldTimeDuration": 1,
      "resetCount": 1
    "configuration": {
      "numberOfContainerIssueTypes": 23,
      "numberOfSummaryPanelIssueTypes": 45,
      "numberOfSummaryPanelPermissions": 1,
      "numberOfTimeSheetPermissions": 1,
      "numberOfPanelFields": 8,
      "useContainerPanel": true,
      "hasJqlFilter": true
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