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Advanced use cases with Epic Sum Up

Key features of Epic Sum Up

We developed Epic Sum Up so that we could add useful features. These additional features from Epic Sum Up allow project managers and admins to expand the power of Jira. Key features include:

Progress bars - visual indicators of project progress

Summary Panels - easy-to-view panels which can be set up in a sidebar

Dashboard Gadget - Epic Sum Up’s dashboard gadget lets you use Jira custom fields and progress bars for a more customized layout

Detail View Editor - A structured issue viewer & spreadsheet editor

Time Sheet - An overview of issues, which you can sort and customize the way you want

Initial configuration

To get to global settings for Epic Sum Up, first click on the cog icon in the upper right corner & navigate to Apps. From Apps, navigate to the Epic Sum Up global configuration settings in the left-hand sidebar menu.


Within general settings, scroll down and you will see permission settings menus for Summary Panels, and Time Sheets. These permissions allow you to limit access to certain Jira groups that you can set up, if you choose to, for your organization.

Summary Panel

Within general settings you can configure issue types that you want to see in the Summary Panel.  If you click on the Summary Panel tab, you can customize the global Summary Panel from here.

Most common use cases

Epic Sum Up offers a number of features that can be used by Jira administrators, and project managers, in different ways depending on how you choose to set things up. Progress bars offer an easy way to view progress on issues. There are other features such as Summary Panels, and the Detail View Editor, which offer increased convenience and efficiency. We will go into different use cases of various features here.

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