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Containers vs Advanced Roadmaps

While containers and Advanced Roadmaps structures share a similar concept - the possibility of hierarchies above epics - there are some key differences we want to highlight on this page. 

Advanced Roadmaps

Advanced Roadmaps is a planning tool that can be used across projects. Typically Advanced Roadmaps/Plans are known for its planning and issue tracking over multiple teams. It also allows you to add an issue scheme that has issues above epics. 


Containers are a structural element provided by Epic Sum Up. Same as Advanced Roadmaps they offer the option to create hierarchies above epics. The key difference is that containers do not follow a given issue scheme but instead allow flexible structuring. 

In the table below we will highlight some of the key differences as well as advantages and disadvantages of the two functionalities. 

Advanced Roadmaps


Link types

Parent links are used. 

Jira issue links are used. 

Issue scheme

Hierarchies created with Advanced Roadmaps are limited by the set-up issue scheme. 

Containers are not restricted by issue schemes. They allow for a flexible stacking of different issue types. 

Compatibility with Jira

Advanced Roadmaps is a part of the Jira Premium subscription, making it a core part of Jira. 

Containers are not recognized as hierarchy elements by Jira. 


Jira as well as most other apps you are working with will recognize Advanced Roadmaps structures. 

Containers are not recognized as a hierarchy by other apps. We are actively working on integrations. Let us know if there is a specific app we should prioritize. 


Advanced Roadmaps includes the Plans feature which allows for detailed roadmapping across multiple teams. 

Epic Sum Up does not currently have a roadmap feature. It’s in the backlog. 


Advanced Roadmaps is only part of the Jira Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. 

Containers are a feature that is available with an active Epic Sum Up paid license.

Let’s give you a short summary of both options: 

Advanced Roadmaps is deeply integrated in Jira and supported by most apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace. However, it is not as flexible as containers. It is a part of the Jira Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. If you have opted for the Premium or Enterprise plan, for its feature set and/or user number, Advanced Roadmaps might be a good fit for you. 

In case you have the standard subscription of Jira, containers can be a great alternative to Advanced Roadmaps. 

Containers are more flexible when it comes to structuring. They use the regular Jira issue links instead of the container links you know from Server and Data Center. The hierarchies you built with containers are only visible inside the Detail View Editor. If you want to keep the flexibility you’re used to on Server/Data Center, containers are the way to go. Just keep in mind that they work differently on Cloud. 

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