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Resolution vs Status category

The Jira properties resolution and status category Done of an issue are not the same and tracked differently by Epic Sum Up. Below will be explained which progress bar uses what and how.

Status category

The status category is tracked by our status category progress bar. It visualises how many issues are To Do, In Progress and Done.


The resolution status of an issue is tracked by two of our progress bars: completed issues and custom numerical ones.

The completed issues progress bar visualises the number of issues resolved vs unresolved. What’s important to note here is that the workflow status Done is not the same as resolved. Both are different properties but can be linked to each other.

The custom numerical progress bars visualise issues resolved vs unresolved, weighted by the value of your choice (e.g. story points, business value etc).

If any of these progress bars show issues unresolved but with a Done workflow status you can check this Jira configuration.

Data residency

Your data stays in your Jira system and no data is stored on our side.

Epic Sum Up only reads and adds to the data. Everything our app does is done in the cloud. None of your Jira data is processed by us at APTIS GmbH. This helps your data stay secure.

For more information you can check out our Privacy Policy.

Dark mode support

Epic Sum Up supports both light and dark mode and integrates seamlessly with your Jira design settings.

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